Integrity Dance Academy was founded in August 2014 in order to provide a safe and encouraging environment for dancers of all ages to study dance. We want to offer students a place to learn proper technique in many forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatic dance and more. Our academy offers a family friendly space to nurture young dancers in their exploration of dance using age appropriate music, dance steps and costumes. Dance is a performing art and we are happy to offer two opportunities for our dancers to dance on stage in a theater! We started the tradition of a Winter and a Spring Show from our very first year. We also perform in many community events around Barrow and Gwinnett counties.
Our faculty is dedicated to giving our dancers the best education possible. We nurture and educate them in a way that teaches them the skills needed to be successful in dance but also in life. Taking dance as a child gives you a brand new appreciation for the arts and teaches life lessons. Our students learn life lessons such as commitment, respect, time management, confidence, focus and so much more. The friendships made at the studio are special and teach them about team work and what it means to build each other up through encouragement.
We believe in teaching proper technique from the very beginning. Our classes start at age 18 months where our dancers learn music and movement with a caregiver. They progress to a dance class on their own where they learn to follow directions, build social skills and physical literacy. All of our dancers do age appropriate moves and learn through progressions to keep them safe. They work to develop strong technique from their very first dance class. We believe proper technique is a necessity not a luxury to keep our dancers’ growing bodies safe.
Children learn important lessons from their teachers and parents, acquiring important behavior patterns through their example. Our faculty takes this job seriously and we are thankful to our parents that join us in this effort to building confident and easy to work with adults ready to take on the world. The discipline of dance training gives young people a great understanding of commitment and they learn that with hard work anything is possible.
Our studio is spacious with floating floors that offer shock absorption to keep our dancers’ bodies safe. We have a wall of mirrors where dancers can see and learn to feel the corrections the teachers give them. The studio is equipped with an awesome sound system and props that we use in class. In 2016, Integrity Dance Academy became the first certified Acrobatic Arts studio in Barrow to further aid our dancers in strength, flexibility and learning acrobatic tricks to add into dance choreography. In 2019, we became the first in Barrow to offer dance classes to those children with special needs and abilities.  Our very own Mrs. Jackie became certified in Rhythm Works Integrative Dance to teach these dancers with special abilities.  Going into year 10, we have seen our dancers grow in leaps and bounds from the very first year!  Come join us and grow with us!
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