"Conceptual teaching of any subject is more meaningful (and therefore develops deeper learning and better memory) than simply teaching facts. (...) To truly understand dance and be able to create, perform, and respond to it, a dancer must learn and explore dance concepts." -Anne Green Gilbert
This class uses conceptual teaching designed for young dancers that love dancing and music. Children will learn to dance in a playful and imaginative environment. They start with beginning dance movement while giving them the chance to explore their own imagination. In this class, children develop independence, locomotor skills, rhythm, beats and time, directions, teamwork, light tumbling skills and creative expression.
Attire: Girls: Any color leotard, dance skirts are permitted. Tights and ballet shoes are permitted but you may also choose to be bare foot. Hair should be secured out of the dancer’s face 
Boys: Solid colored T-shirt and black pants or shorts (no sweatpants) 
Ages: 2 -3 years
Ballet shoe brands accepted: Bloch, Capezio, Balera or Sansha (Full sole only)
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