Tap/Ballet: This program allows children to learn tap and ballet in a way to keep their attention. Taught in a nurturing environment; this class gives young students the basis to develop their love and appreciation of dance. This class teaches basic dance elements such as: basic dance steps, locomotor movement, limbering exercises, musical awareness, and creative expression and coordination skills. It also teaches listening skills to follow directions and musical elements. It also teaches them about patterns and rhythms and teamwork as well as building confidence.
Attire: Girls: Light purple leotard, pink tights, dance skirt is optional. Shoe colors are black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes with elastic bands across the top of the foot. Hair must be secured out of the dancer’s face in a neat bun, braid or ponytail. Boys: Solid colored T-shirt and pants or shorts (no sweatpants) with thin socks, black tap shoes & ballet shoes.
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Grades: Pre-school & Pre-K
Ballet shoe brands accepted: Bloch, Capezio, Balera or Sansha (Full sole only) Tap shoe brands accepted: Bloch, Capezio, or Balera (Mary Jane or Tyette for girls, lace-up for boys)
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