2023-2024 Fee Schedule
Fee Chart
Annual Membership Fee due at registration
 (1 child) (non-refundable) $50 per dancer or $60 per Family

Tuition is based on an entire season of dance and split into installments plans.  You may choose to pay the full year in advance, our quarterly installment plan or monthly installment plan of 11 equal payments.

There is an Annual Performance Fee to perform in our annual shows.  The fee is determined by how many classes dancers are enrolled in and includes the costumes.

Tuition is due by the 25th of the previous month and a Late Fee of $20 is applied for any tuition paid after the 3rd.  / One Month Late is $30
Return Check Fee $40
Membership & Tuition Fees:
The first dancer in every family will be charged a $50 non-refundable annual membership fee. Each additional family member is $10 each. Dance tuition is based by the season. By registering for dance class you are securing your dancers place in that class for the whole season. You may choose to pay for the full season upfront and get a 3% discount or you can choose our quarterly or monthly installment plan. Monthly installments are due on the 25th of the previous month and are considered late after the 3rd. Payments received after the 3rd will be charged a $20 late fee. If payments aren’t received by the 30th, the account will be charged a $30 late charge. Any tuition that is more than a month late will result in child being removed from the class roll, however you are still responsible for tuition until a written withdrawal notice is filled out. 30 days in advance notice of the withdrawal is required. Classes are guaranteed based on the number of students’ registered so one withdrawal affects the whole class and we need the 30 days to fill the class back up. You must have a $0 Balance to perform in shows. Any dancer with an account with a balance 30 days overdue will be asked to sit out of class. There are absolutely no refunds given for tuition for any reason. Any overpayments will be a credit on your account to use for future classes.
Session Classes:
Our Discover Dance classes are offered in sessions.  Those do not follow the same tuition schedule. 
Drop off / Pickup Policy:
Please drop-off and pick-up your dancer in a timely manner before and after their dance classes.  If an Integrity Staff member must monitor your child beyond 10 minutes prior and 10 minutes after class, you will be charged a $1 a minute watch fee.  We understand that things happen so please contact the studio if there is a situation. Thank you for understanding and valuing our staff's time, especially if it is the last class of the night.  
Referral Program:
We love to reward our loyal clients! If you refer someone to our academy and they become an Integrity dancer, you will be rewarded with a one time $20 Tuition Credit after their 3rd month. They must write your name down when they register as how they heard about us. We appreciate you sharing our dance program with others!
Private Lessons:
All private and semi-private lessons are on a separate fee schedule and must get written permission from the director and be discussed with both the director and instructor. Private and semi-private classes must be paid three (3) days prior to the date of the scheduled class. A $10.00 late fee will be charged and due prior to the beginning of the private and/or semi-private class. There is a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy for private and semi-private class. Failing to provide the required twenty-four (24) hour cancellation notice to the office will result in the missed class being charged as a full private or semi-private class.
Costume Fees:
Every dancer participating in our annual spring show will need to purchase a costume per class. The costumes are included in the annual performance fee. Payments can be made, but the balance must be paid in full by the end of October. No costume will be ordered without full payment and no refunds can be made. Costumes will only be handed out to those with a $0 account balance. Winter Show costumes are different. Details will go out in a winter show packet to those participating.
Additional Fees/Costs:
Tuition does not include performance costumes, performance fees, performance tickets, attire (including shoes, tights, and apparel), private and semi-private classes, or photography/DVD packages. There are absolutely no refunds or credits given for these fees and costs for any reason.  We have an outside photographer come in the Spring to do our pictures and parents may choose to purchase professionally posed pictures from the photographer.
Methods of Payment:
Auto Payments: You may sign up for auto pay on our website if you would like to take advantage of this option and never have to worry about a late payment. You may also pay online through paypal or request to be invoiced by email. Other methods accepted are cash, check, all major credit cards. A $40 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.
Class Withdrawals:
If you need to withdrawal, you must fill out a withdrawal form, available from the director, 30 days in advance to avoid being charged the next month’s tuition
Performance fees:
Our performances are optional and require you to sign up for each performance.  An annual performance fee is due in October/November to participate in both our winter and spring shows.  This fee is based on the number of classes in which the dancer is enrolled as this fee includes spring show costumes.  The fee also goes towards paying for the professional venue, the theater technicians and other professional fees.  Parents will receive two tickets to each show plus a complimentary DVD.  If there is a balance on your account by dress rehearsal, your dancer(s) will be unable to participate in the show.  There are absolutely no refunds given for any reason.  Ask about ways to have your performance fee paid in full through our unique fundraising opportunity done during September through October.
The week before a show requires all dancers to be in attendance so please plan your vacations accordingly.
Class Attendance:
There is no refund for missed classes. All tuition is non-refundable. You may speak with the instructor to see if there is another class available to makeup any missed classes. This will not be possible after choreography for the spring show begins in February.
Other Policies:
Please note that dress code can be found on the class description page under your class description. Please be sure to read and understand those as they are important for class participation. Thank you!
Hours Taken per Week = 11 Equal Payments Installment Plan
30 Minutes       =     $38 per installment
45 Minutes      =     $58 per installment
1 HOURS      =       $68 per installment
1.5 HOURS      =       $88 per installment
2 HOURS      =       $108 per installment
2.5 HOURS      =       $128 per installment
3 HOURS      =       $148 per installment
3.5 HOURS      =       $168 per installment
4 HOURS      =       $178 per installment
4.5 HOURS      =       $188 per installment
5 HOURS      =       $198 per installment
5.5 HOURS      =       $208 per installment
6 HOURS      =       $218 per installment
6.5 HOURS      =       $228 per installment
UNLIMITED per child = $288  per installment
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